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The Lance Hahn VIDEO Podcast

Ep 31: Understanding Religious Leader Scandals

4/6/2021 00:34:02
"Why do so many top, popular Men and Women of God fall from grace? What causes it and why does it happen so often? Why is it so extreme many times? Are they living a lie? Does it negate all that they taught? Why do so many famous Christian leaders end up in a scandal? In this episode, Lance Hahn talks about moral failures, shipwrecked faiths, affairs, corruption and just plain struggling with sin in the lives of Christian leaders. Is there a way to prevent these falls from grace? We'll talk about it. New shows drop every Tuesday. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode."

The Lance Hahn VIDEO Podcast

"Are you craving a balanced, wise and biblical perspective on the world around you, in the midst of all the craziness? Welcome to the Lance Hahn podcast where wisdom means looking at all sides, where God's perspective is of utmost importance and Truth matters. Every episode Lance Hahn will challenge traditional assumptions and lay out a fresh perspective based on a Biblical world view with humor, authenticity and intelligent conversation."