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Ep 77: Beyond the BossBabe: Music, Business, Infertility and the Weapon Behind Tasha Cobbs Leonard

5/9/2022 00:48:28
Ep 77: Beyond the BossBabe: Music, Business, Infertility and the Weapon Behind Tasha Cobbs Leonard
Hi Family! Welcome back to a new season of the podcast. On today's episode we are kicking off season FIVE with the incomparable and uber talented Tasha Cobbs Leonard. I'm excited to jump into today's interview and topic at hand.

I'm sure you've seen or heard the phrase BossBabe or GirlBoss. Women are using the tags on photos that demonstrate their professional or personal strength, fearlessness, successes, and ambition, and desire to lift up others in the process.

But something about those titles and ethos rubbed me the wrong way.

It seems that by having to identify ourselves as GIRLBOSS and shouting our girl-ness and boss-ness from the hashtag rooftops that we're overcompensating for something - why not just show your success by being a good boss. Tasha could use the hashtag all day everyday of BossBabe, but instead she uses her entrepreneurial, pastoral, and creative prowess to SHOW not tell.

I can't wait for you to get to know and love this beautiful and talented woman of God. Take notes and quotes and tag us @BiancaOlthoff and @TashaCobbsLeonard on social media so we can repost your learnings. I love when our guests know the impact they are having! I can't wait to see what you're learning and loving about this series.

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Tasha and Kenneth Leonard - The Purpose Place Church

Music by: Brad Tsushima, Instagram: @bradtsushima, email: bradtsushima94@aol.com, Spotify: "R.A.D."

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