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Ep 96: Letting Go of Control, Not Being Attached to Outcomes and The Power of Boundaries with Sharon Hodde Miller

10/17/2022 00:26:21
Ep 96: Letting Go of Control, Not Being Attached to Outcomes and The Power of Boundaries with Sharon Hodde Miller
Are you a self-professed control freak? Does the thought of letting someone else take the lead stresses you out? Is there a strong inner critic that you constantly battle with? Sharon Hodde Miller is an author and a co-pastor alongside her husband. She has wrestled with control in the past and will share with us ways we can tackle our own need for control in an upfront but loving way. In this conversation, we talk about:

* Defining control and our desire to be in control

* Letting go of the need to control everything

* The struggle of the inner critic

* The power of our God-given agency

Sharon shares her experiences in hopes of helping others navigate their relationship with control. She explains that there is power in letting go of control and learning to not be attached to outcomes. We also discuss establishing boundaries and embracing our God-given agency.

As you listen, I hope you'll meet yourself with kindness and take a look at your relationship with control. While we can't control everything - we can be certain of one thing... God is perfect and makes no mistakes. You can tag us @biancaolthoff and @sharonhmiller, we'd love to hear how this podcast spoke to you!

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Sharon Hodde Miller's Book: The Cost of Control: Why We Crave It, the Anxiety It Gives Us, and the Real Power God Promises 

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Thank you

Thank you so much for your uplifting words. This podcast is just what I needed. Brenda #6

One of my favorites!!!

You are amazing, Gods is doing big things through you!! Thank you for speaking truth!!!