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Encountering You

It's Not Too Late

12/28/2022 00:20:13
It's Not Too Late
Do you think it's too late for you to seek counseling? Do you think you are too far gone? Are you frustrated that counseling hasn't worked for you in the past? If any of this sounds like you, then today's podcast will be one you don't want to miss. As a close to the year 2022, Laura will help you assess the year we just had, identify what's holding you back, and help encourage you in your mental health journey. New episodes drop every Wednesday, so be sure to subscribe so you never miss one!

Encountering You

You are invited to join Laura Williams, licensed professional counselor and co-host of 'Out of the Dark' with Mandisa as she tackles some of the tough issues in mental health and how they relate to your faith journey.

Encountering You will dive deeper into topics like trauma, struggling with my mental heath as a Christian, what are boundaries and how do I grow from them, shame, abuse, dealing with resentment and anger, and more.

Each episode will be full of information and include reflection, so be prepared to be challenged, but know that if you're are willing to move, even an inch, change will be inevitable.

New episodes of Encountering You will be available every Wednesday starting on April 6th so make sure to subscribe as we embark on a journey of hearing the places God wants to bring you in your story.



I am so thankful that the Lord brought me to this podcast. It's truly been life changing! Dr. Laura is incredibly gifted in "speaking truth in love". Her insightful and thoughtful talks are filled with are filled with biblical wisdom and professional expertise on mental health topics that are so needed and timely! It's eye opening, encouraging, uplifting, transparent, honest, thoughtful and SO relatable. I also love helpful the reflection questions after each episode which makes this podcast even more of a gem! One thing this podcast promotes is being "a lifelong learner". It's amazing discovering these things about ourselves and the phrase that keeps my heart so hopeful as I listen is "Your past doesn't have to define your future" ️ I really feel like God is using this podcast as a way to take away any shame/guilt/confusion we have about our past and replace it with His grace and loving kindness towards us. And with that gift and newfound empathy, we can then extend that grace to ourselves (especially our younger selves) and others. Thank God His mercies are new every day! There are a million other things I could say but for now, I will recommend it to everyone I know! :)

Love this podcast.

I heard you for the first time in the podcast with Mandisa. I really enjoy your podcast because is transparent is peaceful is real. As a Spanish podcaster myself, I really enjoy a podcast that is companionate, and so informative. Thank you for your heart and creating this safe place for so many. God bless you.