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Rebecca St. James Friends and Family

Rebecca St. James Friends and Family

Rebecca St. James is back, and not only in the studio working on fresh, modern worship music, but she also has a NEW podcast to encourage you in daily life! Through authentic sharing with friends and family- tackling subjects such as faith, parenting, relationships and more- she reminds listeners they're not alone, and that we have wisdom for life in Jesus!

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Single-Parenting - featuring Robert Beeson

Rebecca and friend Robert share about the importance of relying on God in the midst of trials, and the need for community support. This episode focuses on the challenges of singleness and single-parenting. Guest Robert Beeson is founder of Solo Parent Society (a community for single parents) and hosts a weekly podcast for single parents. He and his wife Barbara live in Franklin, TN and have 6 kids.

Previous Episodes

Marriage- Featuring Guest Shaunti Feldham


Rebecca and relational researcher Shaunti discuss the key ingredients of happy, healthy marriages. This episode focuses on helpful relationship tips, debunking negative marriage statistics, and wisdom for when married life is challenging.

Shaunti Feldhahn is a popular speaker, best-selling author, and groundbreaking social researcher. Shaunti has worked on Wall Street and Capitol Hill. Now she applies her analytical skills to illuminating surprising truths about relationships. She and her husband, Jeff, live in Atlanta with their two children.

Mentorship-Featuring Guest Evie


Rebecca and long time friend and mentor Evie talk about the importance of having a role model and mentor in your life. This episode focuses on the role a mentor plays in our spiritual and emotional growth, and how it exemplifies the Biblical image of iron sharpening iron.

Guest Evie is an award winning singer and Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductee. She is wife to Pelle, mother of two and grandmother to 3 glorious grandchildren. 

Modesty - featuring guest Dannah Gresh


Rebecca and friend Dannah discuss the importance of modesty in a culture of sexual permissiveness. This episode focuses on purity, dignity, and finding ways to protect our children's hearts.

Dannah Gresh is a best selling author and creator of True Girl (formerly Secret Keeper Girl). She and her husband Bob live in State College, PA. You can find out more about Dannah's ministry by visiting dannahgresh.com or mytruegirl.com 

Anxiety - featuring guest Rebekah Lyons

Rebecca and friend Rebekah share about anxiety and how to combat stress in modern life. This episode focuses on finding rhythms of renewal, setting disciplines to fight anxiety, and learning to challenge our fears with Scripture and truth. Rebekah Lyons is an author, speaker, and mother of 4. She and her husband Gabe co-founded Q Conference, and her recent book Rhythms of Renewal is available now! The Rhythms quiz Rebecca references in the podcast can be found at: www.rebekahlyons.com