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To Shave Or Not To Shave (little things matter)

10/4/2021 00:37:24
To Shave Or Not To Shave (little things matter)
As single parents, we have minimal time, and often the last thing we spend that time on are things that we use to prioritize. 

God wants us to take care of ourselves physically, and that means more than just health. It is about priorities and balance. There are so many critical things at the top of our list of priorities that simple things like shaving our legs, eating well, or dressing well can move to the bottom of the list.  

For who? 

For what? 

There are so many important things to do; if we're honest with ourselves... we often 'let ourselves go'.?

Conversely, some of us may spend more time focusing on our body and appearance than while we were married. 

Maybe hoping to catch the eye of a potential suitor?

Either way, in this episode we are focusing on investing in ourselves, for the sake of ourselves... not for anybody else. (other than God... who already thinks we are pretty awesome!)

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