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Dreamers and Disciples with Wade Joye

Dreamers and Disciples with Wade Joye

Wade Joye is a pastor, preacher and author who spent 15 years serving as the Worship Pastor at Elevation Church. As Worship Pastor, he oversaw the weekend worship experience teams, pastored worship leaders and creatives and was instrumental in building and leading Elevation Worship.

At the end of 2021, Wade transitioned to a new season of ministry as he travels the country to preach and coach ministry leaders. Wade is passionate about helping people develop and maintain consistent spiritual rhythms and disciplines that cultivate a healthy heart and soul.

Wade's greatest passion, though, is his family. He and his wife Ferris have 3 daughters they adore and are learning to navigate family, ministry, and faith as they raise children with special needs like Cystic Fibrosis and Cerebral Palsy.

"Dreamers and Disciples" is a weekly podcast to explore how to reset your rhythms and renew your dreams by trusting God with the dreams in your heart through regular rhythms of abiding in Christ. We will learn what the Bible really says about purpose, calling, and trusting God with disappointment as we dream the way a disciple does - with open hands of surrender. 


Powerful and life changing!

Just discovered this podcast and I am loving the content. Love how much scripture is clearly explained. The vibe of this podcast seems so authentic , he seems to be sharing the Love of Gods Word with us in a authentic way that is life applicable. Thank you for being so gentle and kind as well as teaching the Truth of Gods Word.

An easy listen to big questions

Updated 8/29/22. I've upped the starts to 5 from 4 bc I'm 7 episodes in and I find myself waiting for Mondays when I know Wade will release another episode! It continues to be very digestible, aspiring and practical. I love the resources he references so we can find our own rhythm . Keep them coming!!I only gave it 4 bc it's the first episode. I suspect as the weeks go on I'll change my rating. Wade is exploring some big questions with a very easy to follow approach, not too academic, not too rambling. Looking forward to next episode