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Front Porch Gospel with Rhett Walker

A good man

He's God's soldier and he's funny as all get out. Proof that God is smart and has a sense of humor. Rhett is bright, talented and a goof ball. An amazing combo of grace and skill. I love his music and this podcast.

Love it!

Love this podcast and your perspective on life and family. And I love that your wife is a part of it as well. Y'all are a great team and I was encouraged after listening today. But please put your dirty clothes in the laundry room in the correct hamper!

Sooo good! Thank you for doing this!

This podcast is just what I needed. I recently deleted a podcast that I liked because it made me laugh out loud but it kept getting more and more vulgar. It was hard to find something to replace it that honored who I am in Jesus. Thank you! I love this podcast!

Great laughter for hard times

I loved listening to these! They lifted my spirits and made me laugh! I love to hear him sing also!

Great show awesome

Rhett and his wife's life started out like mine. I have now been married 41 yrs to my best friend and high love. With Jesus in your life you can make it.

Family, Fun, Freedom

Rhett won't help but make you laugh. I love how much he loves the Lord and his family. I look forward to listening to this podcast as a single mom on the way to work and to the daycare. Thanks for the sweet reminder of God's faithfulness for my babies and I!

I loooove this podcast!!!

I can't get enough of this podcast, it's just what I needed in my life!

So Good!

This is by far my favorite podcast so far. I'm not normally a "talk-radio" person. Rhett is helping me to become one. Thanks for keeping it real!

Great Show!

Front Porch Show - Going to the Sticks was just what I needed to hear. Thanks!I say Coke & always get a unsweet tea. Lol!

Fun and refreshing

I am loving your podcast! It is funny, fun and refreshing. I love that you talk about real life and bring some good advice as well. Every episode has some good nuggets.

Front Porch Gospel with Rhett Walker

Front Porch Gospel with Rhett Walker is a weekly podcast about faith, family and freedom. Every episode Rhett shares conversations about the importance of community in America and creates a space for families and friends to glean advice and encouragement.