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Leah LaRosa

Thank you for all the honesty that comes through this podcast. I love it! I'm a grand mom and so I have a lot of life experience. I appreciate every message that comes from the Holy Spirit through the mouths of both of you. Danny, if I could encourage you in anyway, I would say do not stop telling your stories and sharing your gospel message. Don't let Andrew label them "sermons". That sounds so negative. I believe God is speaking through you at those times and if it makes someone uncomfortable, that does not mean it is for the rest of us. If we're uncomfortable, then it could be the very reason we need it. I'm listening to the podcast because I want to hear you and Leyicet share your lives. I think your podcast title should add, "unfiltered", because I think you two are sweet, hilarious, complementary, talented and a great example of a godly couple. Not perfect. That would not help anyone. We learn from hearing how you guys have weathered the storms of your lives. The story today of Danny's struggle with legalism was eye opening and caused me to search my own heart and past struggles. Even how my grown children, who have all left the church and their faith in Christ, may have experienced some of what you did growing up, because of what we naively thought would protect their hearts and minds. In the end, it didn't last. Praying for you and your sweet family. My husband and I both love your music, Danny! We're not too old to "rock-out". We attended a concert awhile back here in Oklahoma City. So, grateful for your witness and boldness for Christ!

Authentic. Best ever!

Both of them speak and share of themselves very well. Humorous and faith filled - LOVE THEM?

Timely & Genuine

I heard about this podcast on K-LOVE and for the last week I've been wanting to tune in I finally did today and started with number two for some reason I thought it was the first one ha ha,Danny I am always interrupting my husband and he gets so annoyed by it but he is just as gracious as your wife where he just overlooks it because he knows I'm not trying to be rude, I was just raised in a big family where we always interrupted each other lol she just shows the same grace in a snarky kind of way that is genuine and all her. I am looking forward to following this podcast. The raw footage is the best. I know this is going to bless a lot of people just the same way your music does.You are my favorite on American idol.


I love Danny's music and story. I don't know if it's me but so far the two episodes are full of interruptions and a bit of rudeness from wife.

Maybe the next one

I really want to like the podcast and like the topic they discuss but the first episode I feel was all over the place between jumping from topics and interruptions between them I couldn't really catch the point of the topic they were on at times. So I'm hoping the next episode will be a little more together. But I do like the rawness of the two and how transparent they are.

Loooove the show?

Hi Danny and Leyicet!!My name is Angel, I'm a new listener from Arizona....I just binged your podcast videos. I related on so many levels on each episode, I can't wait for the new episode to drop!!! Keep up being honest and real, love you bothand may God Bless?

Laugh Out Loud!

Y'all crack me up! I love the bantering between you two, keep it authentic. Can't wait to hear more about la familia!

Keepin' it real!

Great topics and always keeps it 100! Thank you for giving us some entertainment and substance at the same time!

Audio and picture alignment part 2

I get it now. When you exit the podcast app and go back to play it, that's when the audio and picture are no longer aligned

Great balance

I enjoy listening to them every week. They really balance each other out so well.

Livin' La Vida Gokey VIDEO

You're invited into the crazy that is the Gokey family! From behind the scenes of Danny Gokey's music to the bi-lingual household he shares wife Leyicet and their 4 kids. Every Monday you'll see lively conversation, fun topics, cultural diversity and lots of laughter! It all kicks off Labor Day, subscribe now so you never miss a Livin' La Vida Gokey episode!