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LOVE listening to this podcast. I find the words from these wise mothers comforting and helpful. I have laughed and cried. When the episodes are over I feel better knowing I'm not alone in the situations I face with my kids. This podcast is much needed.

So Encouraging and engaging!

Love, love ,love listening to these women!

So good!

Such a great podcast! I love hearing the perspectives from the group of women. Being a mom is hard and having encouragement from other moms along the way is vital. Helen is such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing!!

A blessing

First day listening to the first episode and already love it! Thank you for creating this ladies. I really need this especially in this time of social distancing. Feels like I have a community.

I relate

I'm listening to Season 4 Episode 7. This is a bold subject that I am glad to hear is being said. Say it loud and often because so many people are lost on this subject.I relate to one of the ladies who shared her personal story. My husband & I have been married now for 16 years. We tell people that we have had two marriages with no divorce. Our first marriage was living two separate lives while sharing finances (not well) and a bed. It was year 6 when we were defeated and separated. We sat in the car in the driveway and agreed on a divorce.At this time I was already confiding into another man. This decision seemed to give me internal permission to proceed with a deeper relationship with this man. It was 10 months that I lead this second relationship and didn't feed into my marriage.My husband came to me months later and stated he was ready to step up for our marriage and asked me to do the same thing. I did agree however the next year or two was the most difficult as we had to come 'current' with one another.We soon found ourselves in recovery after counseling. We had to also clean up outside elf the street as well.Today, I talk about many of these things mentioned in this podcast about boundaries, staying current, giving of yourself (including sexually), and working hard on your relationship.Thank you ladies for taking this to a public and being bold. I am so happy to be a listener/supporter of your group.

Love this so much

I can't wait for the next episode. It was great to hear these women being real and sharing their hearts. This is so needed for women of all ages! Please go watch and listen! You will be glad you did, because you will hear women who love life and Jesus sharing!

So encouraging!

MumLife Community has been encouraging especially in my current season of life having 4 young kids. Sometimes you wonder, does anyone understand what I'm going through? As I listen, I see that I'm not alone - in my struggles, my worries, my doubts, my questions - and that with the Lord nothing is impossible. These ladies have amazing testimonies and have encouraged me so! I also love how their faith in Jesus is the foundation of everything. They're not afraid to be real about their lives or their need for God! Every mom, young and old, should give this a listen!


I should start by noting that I never do reviews but this one I couldn't pass up. As a mother of 3 (9, 5, 16 no) who also runs a home daycare/preschool I am so incredibly grateful that I found this podcast. These ladies are fun and have some really helpful insight to share on some tough topics. A must check out!!

Such an incredible blessing

I'm 31 years old, mom of 3 beautiful girls (ages 5,3,1). I never write reviews for anything but this podcast has been the most incredible blessing! Every episode I cry and I realize how much as mom I actually put on myself. This podcast makes me realign with God and reminds me that I'm under construction and that God has chosen me to be a mom/ wife because of what he has placed in me. I can't say enough good things. I love this podcast soooo much!

Devouring this wisdom!

I absolutely LOVE this podcast as a wife, a mother, a friend. There is so much wisdom to be gleaned from Helen and the mentor moms (my favorite episodes are the mentor panels). The format of the podcast is perfect! Each episode starts with a brief intro to the topic and moves into a sort of round-table discussion with real moms talking about real and relevant experiences. This is hands down my FAVORITE podcast that is out there for moms!

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