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Have Love, Will Travel


10/18/2022 00:54:06
Welcome to Have Love, Will Travel, a show about discovering the beauty in a city through its people and culture. We're packing our faith while we travel and asking God to plan our itinerary as we visit Memphis, Tennessee! Memphis is known for its barbecue, blues and soul music, and even the birth of rock and roll, but as we discovered on this episode, Memphis has some stories to tell!

* Memphis in May (4:34)

* The Memphis Sound (5:24)

* The Stax Museum of American Soul Music (5:45)

* Sun Studios (6:36)

* Graham Winchester interview (7:47)

* Graceland (13:02)

* Memphis Dry Rub (15:17) - Our favorite BBQ - Central BBQ 

* Brothers Juniper (15:56) Great Breakfast

* The Arcade Restaurant (16:00) Great Breakfast

* Everett and Seba Stephens interview (17:51) - Follow Seba's Career

* The History of the Peabody Ducks (30:25)

* God wink story (31:53)

* Kenon Walker interview (34:32)

* National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel (46:02)

* Spiritual Souvenirs (49:08)

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If the culture of Memphis interests you, we invite you to check out our show Steel Magnolias Podcast where we explore southern culture. We have episodes on: Sun Studio, The Mighty Mississippi (as in the river that Memphis sits on), BBQ Sauces, Dry vs. Wet Ribs, King of Soul: Otis Redding, King of Rock & Roll: Elvis Presley, and more! You can find those episodes wherever you get podcasts or at SteelMagnoliasMedia.com

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Have Love, Will Travel

Sisters Lainie and Laura Beth love people, cultures and travel! In this new podcast, they'll visit 4 U.S. cities and watch ministry moments unfold as they listen to locals, take cultural explorations and rely on the Holy Spirit to be their guide. Both informative and entertaining, you'll be inspired to pack your faith on your next trip! Thanks for joining us on the journey! This is Have Love, Will Travel!


I enjoyed every minute!

What a great concept to hear and challenge how we can travel and use Christ in travels!Will share this with many!!!

Such a fun idea!

Laura Beth and Lainie are SO funny, joyful and can seriously peak your interest on any topic. Their dynamic as sisters make for such fun & easy listening. So thorough in all their research and make me want to travel ASAP! Can't wait to hear more from this podcast!