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The Happy Home Podcast with Arlene Pellicane

25 Days of Christmas - Sandra Stanley Your Family's North Star

12/13/2021 00:33:32
25 Days of Christmas - Sandra Stanley Your Family's North Star
Welcome to the 25 Days of Christmas!

We are counting down to Christmas in festive fashion. Get your free 25 Days of Christmas guide with 10 devotions (for mom and for kids), 10 easy and fun family activities, and 5 ways to serve your community. 

Week 3 is all about creating a FUN HOME. How can we create a home that our kids want to return home to year after year?

My guest Sandra Stanley has three grown kids who love coming home. She's here to help us understand the seasons of parenting better (and leverage them to get closer to our kids). She explains what it means to have a north star as a family (and what hers is).

On today's episode, we'll talk about:

3:50 Navigating Christmas with grown kids 

7:10 What was your family's north star? 

10:20 What are the seasons of parenting?

11:40 The two rules we had at home 

15:20 Natural consequences 

19:20 How we use our phones to laugh together 

24:10 How you talk to adult kids who are not making good decisions.

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