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Illuminated Soul with Craig West

Illuminated Soul with Craig West

Bite sized teaching, encouragement, and practical tools that help you respond to the negative thoughts, emotions, and occasional darkness life circumstances can sometimes bring. Together we're partnering with the Holy Spirit to live life with excellence of Soul!

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A Secret Weapon Against Anxiety

There is a secret weapon you can use in the fight against anxiety and worry, but...it's not in our nature to use this weapon.

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Two thieves have much to teach us about how to approach suffering, mental anguish and pain. Let's learn how to surrender well.

When Am I Breathing?

Overwhelmed? Freakin' out? Before thinking your way out of what ever stressful moment you find yourself in, first ask yourself this profound question.

What If We See People Like This?

A beautiful and beneficial way of how to see people that will open our eyes to wonder and awe instead of judgment.

The Havoc of Misguided Hope

What if some of the emotional turmoil we experience as sons and daughters of God is simply due to a misapplied or misguided hope?