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The Candace Cameron Bure Podcast

Celebrate Christmas with Jill Wagner

12/20/2022 00:31:23
Celebrate Christmas with Jill Wagner
Are you a sand or snow person for Christmas? Some like being at the beach while others prefer being in their home, hopefully surrounded by snow. Wherever you prefer to be, Christmas is always so magical. 

Candace is joined by her kindred-spirit friend, Jill Wagner for a conversation all about Christmas, Jill chopping her hair, and why this holiday will look different for Jill and her family.  

As Jill describes her role in her latest Christmas movie, "A Merry Christmas Wish", she shares about how she connected to her character and how her character made an impact on her. You can watch "A Merry Christmas Wish" on the Great American Family Network. 

In this episode, you will hear Candace and Jill discuss: 
  • Why Jill chopped hair and how she felt going for it. 
  • Jill's latest Christmas Movie on Great American Family called "A Merry Christmas Wish." 
  • Why Christmas looks different this year for Jill and her family. 
  • Jill's 2022 Christmas Wish, christmas even chronicles 

For all things mentioned in this episode head over to https://ccbpodcast.com/episodes/season-1/08

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