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Have Love, Will Travel


10/25/2022 00:45:36
Welcome to the Holy City...a name given to Charleston, South Carolina because of it's abundance in places of worship. The skyline is scattered with steeples, and the city holds firm that no building can exceed their height. How can a city offer history, food like you've never tasted before and a day at the beach? Let's find out...

* Sabbath Day of Rest / Folly Beach (3:40)

* The Plantation Singers / Lynette White interview / Gullah History (4:10) 

* Sweetgrass Tradition (12:08)

* Crabbing with Tia (14:21) Book your excursion

* Carriage Tour (17:43) We toured with Old South Carriage 

* City Market (19:15) 

* Marsh Hen Mill (19:25) Grits and Carolina Gold Rice

* Charleston Red Rice (19:45) Savor the Flavor SC

* Benne Wafers (19:55) - Olde Colony Bakery

* Emanuel AME Church (21:09)

* "Emanuel" Documentary (23:38)

* Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum (24:00)

* Plantations (25:40)

* Pineapple Fountain - Photo Op/God Wink (26:21)

* Angel Oak Tree (28:10) 

* The Charleston Tea Garden (30:06) 

* Low Country Cooking (31:49)

* Hannibal's Soul Kitchen (32:31)

* Butcher & Bee (33:00) 

* Rodney Scott's (34:08) 

* Pink Bellies (34:45) 

* Bowen's Island Restaurant (36:13) 

* Hall's Chophouse/Gospel Brunch (37:15)  

* Spiritual Souvenirs (39:44)

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Have Love, Will Travel

Sisters Lainie and Laura Beth love people, cultures and travel! In this new podcast, they'll visit 4 U.S. cities and watch ministry moments unfold as they listen to locals, take cultural explorations and rely on the Holy Spirit to be their guide. Both informative and entertaining, you'll be inspired to pack your faith on your next trip! Thanks for joining us on the journey! This is Have Love, Will Travel!


I enjoyed every minute!

What a great concept to hear and challenge how we can travel and use Christ in travels!Will share this with many!!!

Such a fun idea!

Laura Beth and Lainie are SO funny, joyful and can seriously peak your interest on any topic. Their dynamic as sisters make for such fun & easy listening. So thorough in all their research and make me want to travel ASAP! Can't wait to hear more from this podcast!