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Equip and Empower with Christine Caine

EP 111 "How Did I Get Here?" Feature: Dropping and Setting Anchor

6/7/2021 00:22:28
EP 111
We can all drift in life-away from our hopes, vision, passions, values, intentions, or even God-if we're not paying attention. The Bible tells us, Pay attention, lest you drift (Hebrews 2:1). Like a rudderless boat at sea, it's the slow, small changes in the currents that we allow to go unnoticed that can so deceptively sweep us far off our course. Without even realizing it's happening, we can find ourselves, wondering What happened-this isn't what I wanted-how did I get here?  

In this episode, Christine reads the first chapter of her new book "How Did I Get Here?". In the book, she opens up about her failings and victories-and the many times in between when she fell into a desperate heap to the floor! Through these experiences she shows how you can anchor your soul and keep steady on the Rock, immovable, and on course toward the best that God has for you-regardless of the storms in life. 

For more from the book visit www.howdidIgetherebook.com

Equip and Empower with Christine Caine

Christine's new book, How Did I Get Here? Finding Your Way Back to God When Everything is Pulling Your Away, is avaiable for pre-order now! Anyone who pre-orders will receive access to Christine's online course, Anchored, for FREE! Details at www.HowDidIGetHereBook.com

We live in a world that whispers that you're not enough. That you are defeated. That you are disqualified because of your past. These lies are everywhere, everyday. You read about them, hear about them, and interact with them. But Christine Caine is here to speak above that noise with the truth of how God sees you, and who he's created you to be, so you can make his name famous! She will equip and empower you to create change in this world and live out your God given destiny! If you desire to bring hope, create change, and see yourself the way God sees you, this podcast is for you.