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EP 146 There are Still Good Things Ahead of You

10/7/2021 00:24:57

You can be just as strong, passionate, and fruitful today as you have been at any other point in your life-no matter your age or your season in life. Do you believe that? It can be hard when we have a culture and an enemy that tells us it's over, it's too late, it's too hard, we're no longer qualified, or there are too many obstacles to overcome. But God has made it very clear in his Word that he has a plan, purpose, and destiny for us at every age and stage of our lives, for as long as we're on this planet. Are you living like you believe that your life has purpose or has your heart grown weary? Have you given up on your dreams, or do you still have vision for your future? Is your heart still in it or have you lost your passion? This episode will empower you to keep your heart in it, to keep believing God still has good things ahead for you, and to remain strong, passionate, and fruitful for all of your days. 

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The Christine Caine Equip and Empower Podcast VIDEO

Oftentimes we spend all of our time telling God what we don't have when he calls us to something instead of simply giving him what we do have. In this episode we will take a closer look at the Bible story of the little boy who offered up his five loaves and two fish to Jesus who turned that into enough food to feed more than 5,000 people. You will be empowered to start making a difference & taking steps toward your purpose by putting the time, talents, and resources you do have into God's hands. To get a copy of this teaching, learn how to stay connected with Christine throughout the week, or to sign up to receive daily encouragement, check out the show notes or head to today.