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EP 148 You Don't Have to Be Anxious About the Future

10/14/2021 00:26:00

Do you find yourself always bracing for and anticipating the worst, filled with anxiety about what lies ahead, not holding onto much hope for an incredible future? Or do you live expecting God to do awesome things in your life today and every day? The perspective we choose will determine the direction of our life. What would it be like if you had a faith that sees beyond what's possible and trusts God for the impossible? That kind of amazing, hope-filled faith leads to an amazing life in Jesus Christ, a life exceedingly, abundantly, above anything you could ever ask, hope, or think. That kind of hope-filled faith doesn't mean we know exactly what God is going to do or how he will make a way, it simply means we trust and believe that he can and he will. This episode will empower you to overcome anxiety about the future and instead look forward with expectant hope that God will work mighty wonders in your life as you pursue his plans and purposes. 

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The Christine Caine Equip and Empower Podcast VIDEO

Oftentimes we spend all of our time telling God what we don't have when he calls us to something instead of simply giving him what we do have. In this episode we will take a closer look at the Bible story of the little boy who offered up his five loaves and two fish to Jesus who turned that into enough food to feed more than 5,000 people. You will be empowered to start making a difference & taking steps toward your purpose by putting the time, talents, and resources you do have into God's hands. To get a copy of this teaching, learn how to stay connected with Christine throughout the week, or to sign up to receive daily encouragement, check out the show notes or head to today.