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EP 40: Becca Stevens - Love's Healing Power

"Life is a gift. Morality is gratitude." How we live our life shows how grateful we are for the gifts we've been given."   My guest for today's episode is Becca Stevens. Becca is many things: an Episcopal priest, author, speaker, and social entrepreneur. She is the founder and President of Thistle Farms, the largest social enterprise in the US run by survivors of prostitution, trafficking, and addiction. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, on ABC World News, NPR, PBS and she was recently named a 2016 CNN Hero.   For 20 years, Thistle Farms' mission to heal, empower, and employ has led to profound change in the lives of women survivors, customers, and communities. We are celebrating that, last year, customers and donors helped make the following possible:   ·      59 WOMEN SURVIVORS EMPLOYED BY THISTLE FARMS, EARNED OVER $1M A YEAR IN SALARY AND WAGES ·      9,215 NIGHTS OF SAFE, SUPPORTIVE HOUSING PROVIDED TO WOMEN RECOVERING FROM LIFE ON THE STREETS ·      14,100 HOURS OF COUNSELING AND THERAPY FOR SURVIVORS, ENSURING THEIR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELL-BEING  ·      40 ORGANIZATIONS ACROSS THE COUNTRY REPLICATED TF HOUSING MODEL, CURRENTLY OFFERING 185 BEDS FOR WOMEN SEEKING SANCTUARY FROM THE STREETS ·      24 SHARED TRADE PARTNERSHIPS AROUND THE GLOBE, SUPPORTING THE ECONOMIC FREEDOM OF MORE THAN 1,700 WOMEN   Check out today's episode, "Love's Healing Power", and hear first-hand how love is the most powerful force for change in the world. 

Heroes For Her

Most women struggle with things like insecurity, comparison, or trying to measure up to the world's impossible standard of beauty. They've questioned their ability to live well, lead effectively, and own their influence to positively impact the next generation of confident, compassionate and capable women.   

Women need a place to gather, and grow, so they can guide the girls they love to know their value, live on purpose, and make the unique difference in the world they were born to make. 

Welcome to the Heroes For Her podcast with Erin Weidemann

In this podcast, Erin tackles the issues that matter most to women: the mothers and mentors of the next generation. From overcoming fear to walking in purpose to shifting the focus of feminine value from beauty to inherent worth, Erin gets real about the reality of female life and leadership. 

Join Erin as she inspires you each week by sharing personal stories as well as interviewing real women; positive role models whose lives and leadership are making a difference.

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"You're doing it wrong."

Expressing needs, I mean.

Have you ever struggled to effectively get your point across to another person? Get what you want? Ask for what you need? Admit that you need some help?

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Listening: Part 2


Leadership is about being a person who others can trust + also a person who YOU can trust. Do you trust and believe in yourself? Women can have a lot of trouble in this area because of things like discomfort or anxiety about their abilities or a general lack of confidence. Pair that with negative self-talk and we've got a few hurdles in front of us. Don't worry. In this episode Erin is going to tell you about the single greatest asset you have to learn to listen and trust in yourself: your Body Compass.

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Listening: A Crash Course


With so many loud, angry, and competing voices out in the world right now, I felt like it was time to right our perspectives, not about speaking but about listening. We talk a lot about effective leadership in our corner of the world, and the most effective way to transform the way you lead is to change the way you listen. Will you listen to this week's episode and then tag me on social with your favorite quote or takeaway? @erin.weidemann

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Interview with Lysa TerKeurst


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