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EP 97 Unplugging to Recharge

4/19/2021 00:25:52
When your smartphone is down to one-percent left on its charge, what do you do? If you're like most of us, you dig out your charging cord as fast as you can and make a mad dash to the nearest available outlet. Isn't that like what we try to do in life? When we're depleted we try to plug into what we think will give us a quick charge-people, food, entertainment, spending money, or maybe chasing prestige or position. Those sources may deliver a momentary spark, but they won't empower us to live a fully charged life - they will leave us living in a constant state of low power mode. This episode will empower you to seek the recharging you need in God so you can live a life of impact without wearing yourself out. 

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Equip and Empower with Christine Caine VIDEO

Oftentimes we spend all of our time telling God what we don't have when he calls us to something instead of simply giving him what we do have. In this episode we will take a closer look at the Bible story of the little boy who offered up his five loaves and two fish to Jesus who turned that into enough food to feed more than 5,000 people. You will be empowered to start making a difference & taking steps toward your purpose by putting the time, talents, and resources you do have into God's hands. To get a copy of this teaching, learn how to stay connected with Christine throughout the week, or to sign up to receive daily encouragement, check out the show notes or head to www.christinecaine.com/podcast today.