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Think Eternity with Matt Brown

Ep 02: Paula Faris on Finding Your God-Given Calling

5/29/2020 00:31:11
Ep 02: Paula Faris on Finding Your God-Given Calling
Are you living out your God-given calling?

Too often we buy into the lie that our worth is our work, our value is our vocation, and our calling is our career. Confusing what we do with who we are wreaks havoc on our bodies, our souls, and our relationships. I'm so honored to have Paula Faris join me on today's conversation. Paula left two dream careers in pursuit of her calling, and she shares how you can pursue your calling over your career. You probably know her as a television correspondent for ABC News, the co-anchor of Good Morning America Weekend, and co-host of The View. This was such a fun conversation. 

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"Think Eternity" is a refreshing podcast in a world with so much discouraging news. As a therapist I see clients living with PTSD, and I was encouraged by hearing the efforts going forward for our veterans & military in the most recent episode.

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I always enjoy the clarity of the conversation and the insights gained from listening to Matt's podcast. Keep these great conversations coming!