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Think Eternity with Matt Brown

Ep 04: Lee Strobel on Why It Makes Sense to Have Faith

6/12/2020 00:37:31
Ep 04: Lee Strobel on Why It Makes Sense to Have Faith
Have you ever had questions or doubts about your faith? 

Lee Strobel was once an award winning journalist for The Chicago Tribune, and an atheist when his wife came home one day to tell him she had become a Christian. Over the next several years he began a journey of trying to disprove Christianity using his investigative journalism skills. But ultimately he came to the consolation that there was an avalanche of evidence supporting the claims of Christianity and it would take more faith to maintain his atheism than to become a Christian. His powerful story will encourage your faith, and probably answer some of your questions about your faith, if you've had any. 

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"Think Eternity" is a refreshing podcast in a world with so much discouraging news. As a therapist I see clients living with PTSD, and I was encouraged by hearing the efforts going forward for our veterans & military in the most recent episode.

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I always enjoy the clarity of the conversation and the insights gained from listening to Matt's podcast. Keep these great conversations coming!