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Ep 100: Setting Clear Boundaries, Communicating Our Needs To Others and A Million Little Funerals with Lysa TerKeurst

11/14/2022 00:41:29
Ep 100: Setting Clear Boundaries, Communicating Our Needs To Others and A Million Little Funerals with Lysa TerKeurst
Do you find it hard to establish boundaries? Are you sensitive about and do you struggle to have difficult conversations? Is there a part of your life that you're currently grieving? Lysa TerKeurst is an author and speaker who is tackling all these topics in her newest book. In this conversation, we cover:

· Defining boundaries and why we need them

· How boundaries can improve your relationships

· Tackling tough conversations and how it can provide clarity

· Grieving the relationships and seasons of life that come to an end

Lysa's voice is one I trust and respect, especially when it comes to discussing spiritual and emotional well-being. She shares personal experiences and walks us through her process of re-establishing boundaries. Lysa gives insight into how boundaries are a biblical principle and how honoring our boundaries helps us honor others too. We also talk about acknowledging what didn't work out and grieving those things with little funerals. (Liiisten, this sounds weird but it's a game-changer!) If like me, you have a big heart and lots of feelings, I hope this episode helps you as much as it helped me. Whether you're navigating boundaries in your professional or personal life, there's something for everyone in this episode. Sometimes things don't turn out how we planned, and it's okay to grieve what you lost. Establishing boundaries as you heal can improve your relationships and help you to see all the good that's yet to come. You can tag us @BiancaOlthoff and @LysaTerKeurst, we'd love to learn more about how this episode spoke to you. 

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Check out Lysa's new book: Good Boundaries and Goodbyes

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Thank you

Thank you so much for your uplifting words. This podcast is just what I needed. Brenda #6

One of my favorites!!!

You are amazing, Gods is doing big things through you!! Thank you for speaking truth!!!