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Ep 122: Tori Hope Petersen On Serving The Least of These

10/28/2022 00:13:39
Ep 122: Tori Hope Petersen On Serving The Least of These
We often see people, but do we see them the way God sees them? Tori Hope Petersen is the former Mrs. Universe, a Track and Field All-American, and a former foster youth. In this conversation we discuss her new book "Fostered". Through her incredible story we see how she found faith and family through foster care, sharing the importance of loving people radically and how we can get involved to help the foster care community.  

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I always enjoy the clarity of the conversation and the insights gained from listening to Matt's podcast. Keep these great conversations coming!

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Personally for someone like me, who has natural proclivity to be cynical and skeptical - Matt brown's podcast is a breath of fresh air and ignites a passion for God and the gospel that I desperately need each week. I am so grateful for Matt and his ministry; my life is marked by a greater sense of grace, generosity and redemption as result.