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Ep 124: Loren Cunningham on Going Into All the World - Part 2

11/11/2022 00:41:21
Ep 124: Loren Cunningham on Going Into All the World - Part 2
We know we are called to spread the gospel, but many believers don't step out of their comfort zones to engage others. 

Loren Cunningham is an author and co-founder of Youth With A Mission. In the second of a special two-part episode, he shares with us about the process of putting the scripture, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations", into action. Through his experience of fighting Bible poverty throughout the world, Loren explains that revival falls where the Word is first, encouraging us to do our part to end Bible poverty. 

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I always enjoy the clarity of the conversation and the insights gained from listening to Matt's podcast. Keep these great conversations coming!

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Personally for someone like me, who has natural proclivity to be cynical and skeptical - Matt brown's podcast is a breath of fresh air and ignites a passion for God and the gospel that I desperately need each week. I am so grateful for Matt and his ministry; my life is marked by a greater sense of grace, generosity and redemption as result.