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The Dr. Dodd Podcast

The Dr. Dodd Podcast

Dr. Dodd provides the unique integration of being well trained in Theology and Psychology/Counseling. This podcast comes as an extension of his many years of ongoing ministry... of private practice Christian counseling, public speaking (holding both conferences and workshops), and consulting work with private corporations. Through a powerful combination, that utilizes his training in theology and psychology, as well as real life experience...each podcast is an effort to encourage, provide hope, inform and challenge individuals with grounded, insightful and practical principles. "It is simply an effort to help individuals navigate everyday struggles, issues and relationships that can often be very difficult and challenging. All of this...to bring honor and glory to God!"

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Ep 13: It Seems Impossible...To Forgive Myself (Series Conclusion)

In this episode, Dr. Dodd "walks around" the whole matter of forgiving ourselves. Oh man! What a challenge...it usually seems impossible! This struggle is SO common in individual lives today. There is the belief that "the offense I've committed is "unpardonable!" Dr. Dodd shares what he believes are some of the psychological/emotional hurdles, as well as, what to do!!! It starts with giving yourself permission, to begin the journey of self-forgiveness. New episodes every Wednesday, subscribe now so you never miss one!

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Ep. 17: Thankfulness...WHY Is It So Important??


Are you finding that it is getting more and more difficult to be thankful? For so many, if they look just at their circumstances...job loss, financial set back, lives lost, relationships suffering, it seems so hard to be thankful! In this episode Dr. Dodd, from both the emotional and physiological perspective, tells us WHY God desires that we experience gratitude even in the most difficult of times. Dr. Dodd not only helps us understand the WHY but provides some very practical tips on how to achieve the state of being thankful!    

Ep 16: Watch Out for Stinkin' Thinkin'!!

Have you recently been in a "foul" mood and not know why?? Have you spent time around someone that is nothing but negative, pessimistic, and generally no fun to be around? It seems that they are against everything...doubt everything (including themselves) and live in constant fear! In this episode Dr. Dodd discusses that idea of Negative Automatic Thoughts. He emphasizes, that when a negative thought is left unchallenged your mind will embrace it as truth and then the body will react to it. Join Dr. Dodd as he highlights some of the more common automatic negative thoughts, how to challenge or push against them! New episodes come out every Wednesday, subscribe now so you never miss one!

Ep 15: What Do You Really Believe?

Have you ever felt stuck in a pattern that you keep repeating a behavior or make a decision that you really want to change, but it seems almost impossible to do so?! Even though the consequences are usually negative and defeating! In this episode, Dr. Dodd challenges you to examine what you really believe, looking at the matter of core beliefs...beliefs that guide our behavior, how we perceive ourselves, and life situations. These core beliefs are what we look through, our filter, as we do life...including our decision making! New episodes come out every Wednesday, subscribe now so you never miss one!

Ep 14: The Challenge...Doing versus Being

In this episode, Dr. Dodd invites you to join him on a discussion regarding the struggle that is encountered almost every day in people's lives. The struggle is about understanding and living in, the critical difference between "doing and being." Doing, simply put, is all the things we do...it's the hands and feet kind of stuff. It's tied in closely with activity, accomplishments, and tangible things. Being, on the other hand, is much deeper. It relates to character...who we are. It has more to do with intangibles...it's more about heart and attitude. It's about who we become or are on the inside. New episodes every Wednesday, subscribe now so you never miss one!