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Lovafide with Nicole C.

Ep. 14 Thy Kingdom Come

5/28/2021 00:51:13
Ep. 14 Thy Kingdom Come
Let continue our reading, thoughts, and Nicole-isms as Daniel interprets the dream of the king! Daniel 2 "Lovafide Love Notes" Lean in as my mom shares some more golden nuggets with us today!!!

Scripture Memory Psalm 8:2a "Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies...."(Because the enemy doesn't play fair, God has given strength even to the little ones in order to to stop the enemy and the avenger). For more scripture memory check out the videos at https://nicolecmullen.com/my-scripture-memory-video

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Lovafide with Nicole C.

Nicole C. Is a nine-time Dove award winner, two-time Grammy nominee, and is best known for her hit songs Redeemer, Call on Jesus, On My knees and the Larry Boy theme song. She is also a mother of 3, a mentor, a well sought after speaker and an author! As a self proclaimed Bible nerd, Nicole enjoys breaking The Word of God down into bite sized portions.

In her podcast series 

"Lovafide with Nicole C.", Nicole will share what it means to live and love in our current society thru the grid of Biblical and practical principles. Without apology Nicole believes that the way to God is through Jesus, The Christ; and his love is wonderfully extended to us all...and all meaning all.

Each podcast will include a scripture memory verse that Nicole will teach you, a relatable Bible story, Nicole's real life failures as well as victories and encouragement for your life.

"Love is not just what we say, it is what we do. So go get yourself Lovafide!"

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