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Livin' La Vida Gokey

Ep 16: Jesus and Feelings

7/25/2022 00:29:02
Ep 16: Jesus and Feelings
Our feelings are big-and our feelings are real-but they aren't always telling us the truth. So how do we determine if our feelings are leading us into deeper truths or stirring up a lie? Our episode guest, Robin Altland (who also happens to be Danny's manager's sister!), has worked with individuals and organizations in behavioral change for over 30 years, and today she is helping us weigh out our big feelings with the deep truths of Scripture. 

Join us as we talk out all the feels on "Jesus and ... Feelings" on this week's episode of Livin' La Vida Gokey ... Living Real Life. Asking Real Questions. Finding Real Hope.

Livin' La Vida Gokey

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Ever wonder what it's like to be a touring musician while also trying to keep up with real life as a husband and father to 4 kids? Add in a bilingual household with your in-laws, 3 dogs, plus some chickens & bees, and you've got the crazy that is Livin' la Vida Gokey!

Danny Gokey and his wife Leyicet invite you to join them on the journey, sharing a look at their life together from different cultural perspectives. They LOVE to laugh and have fun, but also to explore current hot topics and ask tough questions about faith that challenge you to deepen your walk with Christ.

In Season 1, you learned about them, their family and their story. Every episode features lively conversation, topics both fun and challenging, cultural diversity and lots of laughter, with behind the scenes looks at Danny's music and life at home.

Season 2 is a series called "Jesus and ..." Danny and Leyicet are diving deeper into some of those hard faith conversations that we're being faced with today in hopes of discovering more about God, each other, and ourselves. We hope you'll join the conversation!

This is Real Life. Real Questions. Real Hope. This is Livin' La Vida Gokey.