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The Dr. Dodd Podcast

The Dr. Dodd Podcast

Dr. Dodd provides the unique integration of being well trained in Theology and Psychology/Counseling. This podcast comes as an extension of his many years of ongoing ministry... of private practice Christian counseling, public speaking (holding both conferences and workshops), and consulting work with private corporations. Through a powerful combination, that utilizes his training in theology and psychology, as well as real life experience...each podcast is an effort to encourage, provide hope, inform and challenge individuals with grounded, insightful and practical principles. "It is simply an effort to help individuals navigate everyday struggles, issues and relationships that can often be very difficult and challenging. All of this...to bring honor and glory to God!"

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Ep 20: And Now...the matter of Trust


"Well...I'm sorry, but I don't trust you or anyone else!" "If you had been through what I've been through, you wouldn't trust anyone either!" Another's comments, "I know...I give way too much trust, too quickly, to too many people! And then I just hope and pray I don't get burned!" Any of this sound familiar?? Join as Dr. Dodd looks at the essential ingredient of trust, from three different perspectives, and discusses why trustworthiness is so foundational to every relationship!

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Ep 25: "Me...a Control Freak??!!"


Are you kidding me?! Everything has to be done your way! You never listen to me! I'm always wrong and you think you're always right! Even when you're wrong, you're right! If I don't do it, just the way you think I should...I get all kinds of grief!

Well...I'd rather just do it myself, that way I know it's done right! It's just easier for me to do it than have to tell you how! WOW! Have you ever thought, said, or been on the receiving end of those kinds of statements??

Join Dr. Dodd as he walks us through some of the more common signs/symptoms of the "control freak" individual. He shares some of the causes of this condition, what can be done if you're in a relationship with someone like that, and how to begin bringing change in your life...if you believe you are one.

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Ep 24: Doubt, Fear, & Shame

There's great news for you today! In this episode, Dr. Dodd reminds us that God invites us/wants us to come to Him...to find grace, rest, hope, healing, peace, forgiveness, freedom, answers, and so much more. For those who struggle with so many doubts, fears, shame, and questions...Dr. Dodd emphasizes that a part of the journey, of trying to get to the place of good mental health, relationship healing, and freedom from paralyzing fear, etc., should be/can be...to go to God with all of it! God is not "put off" by us coming to Him. He doesn't say...Great, you again?! He says "Come...."

It's everywhere today. The stress of 2020 has created so much worry, fear, and anxiety. It's so important to make a distinction between them, in order to address them effectively.

First Dr. Dodd looks at: Worry. Unwarranted fear or worry is always based on something in our imagination or our memory. It is the fear that we manufacture...in other words, it's a choice.

Then: Fear. In general, fear is a reaction to something very specific...an observable danger. Fear can make us "run for cover."

And finally: Anxiety. Whereas fear relates to a known or understood threat, anxiety is a result of an unknown or poorly defined threat. Being anxious about all the "unknowns."

Join Dr. Dodd as he shares some very practical tips on how to address each of them.

Ep 22: The Four R's of Parenting


OK...can you please give me hint?! I don't have a clue (it often seems) what I'm doing! What am I supposed to do? On a topic that has been studied, taught, practiced, and written about so many times...Dr. Dodd shares, in his own unique style, the basic and yet very critical points/goals for effective parenting. He presents the Four R's of Parenting that must be taught/modeled to our children and adolescents today. Join him as he discusses: Being Respectful of Authority, Self-Reliant, Self-Responsibility, Relationally Competent.