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The High Note with Tauren Wells

Ep 21: Coach Scott Drew on the Road to Joy

9/12/2022 00:48:17
Ep 21: Coach Scott Drew on the Road to Joy
How do you walk in joy even when it doesn't feel good? In this week's episode, Tauren brings us an incredible conversation with Coach Scott Drew, who is not only the head coach of men's basketball at Baylor University, but also an author who shares the importance of leading with faith, playing with purpose and leaving a legacy with joy. Coach Scott Drew talks about following in his fathers footsteps, the importance of being coachable in life, and the value of not just equipping his team in their skill set, but also in their faith. 

You'll be motived to walk in joy through every stage of life, and be confident that letting Jesus lead is when you'll be most successful.

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The High Note with Tauren Wells

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Life is a song, and GRAMMY-nominated and Dove Award winning artist Tauren Wells is gonna show you how to hit the high notes with your faith. These are real issues, in a real word, about a real God, for real people...and you're REALLY gonna enjoy it. So, come along and get ready to hit The High Note.


Pure Joy

Coaches across America should host a listening party for the Drew Scott podcast. It is entertaining, encouraging and simply makes you walk away wanting to be the best in all you do, on the court and in life. I took so much away I hope to share with my 15 year old son. Always a TarHeel, Drew Scott, but some new found love for Baylor Bears. You are no doubt sending good men into the world.

So glad this is back!

So glad this podcast is back for season 2! Such an encouraging word. Thank you Tauren for keeping your heart and hands open to Gods work!