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BECOMING:us with Moriah & Joel Smallbone VIDEO

Ep 3 - BECOMING:engaged

3/8/2021 00:37:06
After earning the adoration of Moriah's extended Mexican family, Joel continues his pursuit with a rose-petaled proposal that catches her completely off-guard.

Join us for BECOMING:engaged where Joel and Moriah discuss with Kerry what engaging in trust, relationship and faith looks like even when the path seems uncertain.

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The heartbeat of BECOMING US is to engage with you through our story, to be a part of your story, and encourage you along the way. If you would like to go deeper into some of the tools that we have learned through The Becoming Academy and Kerry Hasenbalg, you can use the coupon SMALLBONE for a discount to the online BECOMING curriculum at www.thebecomingacademy.com 

BECOMING:us with Moriah & Joel Smallbone VIDEO

In just 6 episodes of BECOMING:us, you'll witness authentic conversations between two artists and their mentor. Moriah and Joel Smallbone dig deep into their story for truths that have guided them through their career, marriage and creative endeavors...each episode landing on a powerful and practical tool interpreted by friend, guide and spiritual contemplative, Kerry Hasenbalg. You can expect vulnerability, honesty and humor in this cinematic podcast which speaks to the uniquely challenging, triumphant and (at times) preposterous moments of life. Uncover useful insight on what love really looks like in sickness and in health; in the good times and the uncertain. Click "subscribe" and use #Becomingus on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to join the online communal conversation around what it means to become all that God intended us to be.


Joel Smallbone is an Australian artist and actor. As one half of the four time Grammy Award-winning duo for KING & COUNTRY, Smallbone has collaborated with the world-renowned icon Dolly Parton, pop artist Tori Kelly and gospel/Hip-Hop legends, Kirk Franklin and Lecrae. Acting opposite Billy Ray Cyrus and David Koenchner (The Office, Anchorman), Smallbone both produced and starred in the 2016 feature length film, Priceless. Joel sets the stage for AccessMore's first ever cinematic podcast. Click here to engage with Joel online: instagram.com/joelsmallbone


Moriah Peters Smallbone is a Mexican-American artist, actress and academic. After releasing her sophomore album BRAVE and alternative "music made by women" through the pseudonym, TRALA, she now writes a new solo record, making her music producer debut in 2021. Whether modeling in Paris Fashion week or earning a degree in Organizational Leadership from Lipscomb University, Moriah integrates her multifaceted creativity into producing the soundtrack and visuals behind her first podcast, BECOMING:us. Follow the link to connect with Moriah online: instagram.com/moriahsmallbone


Kerry is a wife to Scott, mother of four and spiritual contemplative. Hasenbalg's work as founder of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute alongside 170 Members of Congress has actively improved the lives of vulnerable children since 2000. After suffering the loss of an infant daughter, Kerry began developing the 12 tools and practices known as BECOMING. As a gifted teacher, writer and speaker, Hasenbalg has used her educational background in international relations, politics and Biblical studies to lead scriptural courses and private retreats now featured for the first time through the podcast medium. Follow Kerry online at: instagram.com/kerryhasenbalg