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The Dr. Dodd Podcast

Ep 33: Don't Quit! Persevere!

3/17/2021 00:16:54
Ep 33: Don't Quit!  Persevere!
In this episode Dr. Dodd shares his personal journey of knowing and living in the will of God. He discusses it particularly in the context of his calling to ministry, and how he tries each day to know and live in the center of God's will. The highlight is Dr. Dodd sharing a reading that he came across many years ago entitled, The Will of God, written by Rebekah Nolt. The episode endeavors to provide hope, comfort, and the direction that is found living in the center of His will.

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The Dr. Dodd Podcast

Dr. Dodd provides the unique integration of being well trained in Theology and Psychology/Counseling. This podcast comes as an extension of his many years of ongoing ministry... of private practice Christian counseling, public speaking (holding both conferences and workshops), and consulting work with private corporations. Through a powerful combination, that utilizes his training in theology and psychology, as well as real life experience...each podcast is an effort to encourage, provide hope, inform and challenge individuals with grounded, insightful and practical principles. "It is simply an effort to help individuals navigate everyday struggles, issues and relationships that can often be very difficult and challenging. All of this...to bring honor and glory to God!"