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Cultivate with Kelly Minter

Ep 48: Which Way Will You Weep

11/1/2022 00:33:15
Ep 48: Which Way Will You Weep
During difficult seasons, we can be tempted to turn back to our old ways of numbing pain. We can begin to question if God is actually good and if he cares about us. But these are not the times to forfeit what we have with Him. These are the times to struggle and weep with our faces pointed toward the Lord, trusting who he is when we can't see what lies ahead.

I can hardly wait to start studying the book of Ruth with you in today's Cultivate podcast. As we look at the first chapter, we'll see three women showing us different ways of weeping. One goes back to her old life, the second turns toward God with bitterness, and the third turns toward Him with total commitment amidst the unknown. Her story-the story of Ruth-is a beautiful picture of how God is not limited by our impossible circumstances. 

Weeping will come for all of us, but the direction we weep in is what makes the difference. I hope this episode will encourage you to turn toward Jesus, continuing with the things he has called you to do. There will be a day that your tears will reap shouts of joy (Ps. 126:5-6). 

Scripture References

Ruth 1:1-18; Psalm 126:5-6

How do we cultivate this in our lives?

Determine the direction you want to go. Ask God to help you move toward him in these times of weeping.

Don't walk alone. We need a godly community walking with us. Join a local or virtual Bible study group.

Remember this is a season. You can sow seeds right now in your tears, trusting that there is a joyful harvest coming.

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Cultivate with Kelly Minter

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Cultivate is brought to you in part by the Dwell Bible App. Save 30% at dwellapp.io/Cultivate.

The Cultivate Podcast is all about deepening our understanding of Scripture for a deeper love of Jesus. That's my simple hope. Yet we live in a crazy busy culture that makes it hard to prioritize Bible study. Not to mention, for many of us the Bible can be plain confusing or intimidating. That's why I'm so excited about this podcast! We'll get to study God's Word together.

Absolutely nothing has gone after every crevice of my heart like Scripture. It's the most relevant and alive book on earth and I can't wait for God to meet you exactly where you're at as we open the Bible together. I also happen to love cooking, gardening, having people over, and deep relationships. So I'll always do my best to keep it real, practical, and personal. Whether you're brand new to the Bible or a seasoned student of Scripture, I hope you'll join me on this hopeful journey.

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About Kelly Minter

Hi There. My name is Kelly Minter and I'm a Bible study author and teacher. I've written several Bible studies for Lifeway, including Finding God Faithful, All Things New, No Other Gods, Ruth, and a few others. I love to teach the Bible at my Cultivate Events across the country and also locally at my home church. I have a passion for missions, which is why I also work in the Amazon jungles of Brazil and the Eastern European country of Moldova with Justice & Mercy International. I wrote a book about my work in the Amazon called Wherever The River Runs. It's dear to my heart. I also love cooking, gardening, and having people to my house. It turns out, I pretty much wanted to write about that too, so a cookbook called A Place at the Table was born. Mostly, I love engaging with people as we study God's Word together, which is why I'm especially excited about the Cultivate Podcast.

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Charles Spurgeon died in 1892 not 1915 as was mentioned in Jan 3 episode. Also as much as I appreciate Kelly and her insights into God's word, one must be careful to not add our own thoughts or add toScripture what isn't there. Kelly says Mary stayed at the house while Martha ran to meet Jesus when he came back after Lazarus dies. Kelly says she thinks Mary stayed behind because she was hurt or disappointed that Jesus hadn't done something - we don't know - there are many reasons as to why she may have stayed back and the Bible doesn't tell us. she knew and learned at Jesus feet and seemed to know Jesus well. But Kelly really pushed her opinion on why Mary stayed behind and we need to be careful when teaching scripture to not let our "thoughts and opinions/beliefs" about what we think add more to what has been revealed. Again not trying to be critical but just wanted to voice my concern.


Your amazing and thank you for this podcasts! God bless