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BECOMING:us with Moriah & Joel Smallbone

Ep 6 - BECOMING:known

3/29/2021 00:33:58
Ep 6 - BECOMING:known
Sometimes you need to look back to move forward. Break down the true (not trite) meaning of Love found in scripture that leads to BECOMING:known in the season finale of #BECOMINGus.

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1 Corinthians 3:17-18

BECOMING:us with Moriah & Joel Smallbone

In just 6 episodes of BECOMING:us, you'll witness authentic conversations between two artists and their mentor. Moriah and Joel Smallbone dig deep into their story for truths that have guided them through their career, marriage and creative endeavors...each episode landing on a powerful and practical tool interpreted by friend, guide and spiritual contemplative, Kerry Hasenbalg. You can expect vulnerability, honesty and humor in this cinematic podcast which speaks to the uniquely challenging, triumphant and (at times) preposterous moments of life. Uncover useful insight on what love really looks like in sickness and in health; in the good times and the uncertain. Click "subscribe" and use #Becomingus on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to join the online communal conversation around what it means to become all that God intended us to be.



I came to this podcast not really seeking for relationship advice (growing up in the church I've listened to enough of that) but just wanting to hear your story of how you met. Just listened to the first episode and was blown away with how I was able to hear the advice I needed to hear in a way that I felt seen and understood as a single person. Thank you so much for making this podcast ️

Raw heartwarmingly funny

Love the openness these two have with their relationship. Very encouraging and uplifting to see them be so open about struggles and things they felt they did wrong or right.