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Ep 67: Sins of the Heart - Pride

6/13/2022 00:44:42
Ep 67: Sins of the Heart - Pride
All throughout scripture, we are warned about the dangers of pride and the negative impact walking in pride can have on our lives. This week the Mums share ways to live a life of humility and avoid this dangerous pitfall. Remember to subscribe so you never miss starting your week with uplifting encouragement and real life tools for Mums! 

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My Favorite!!

This is my favorite podcast by far! This has become my go-to in the mornings while walking/running! I'm so thankful for all that is shared and taught! It has blessed my life tremendously! I miss it when there is not a new one!

Great light!

I love the fact that you women are open and honest about your conversations which makes it easy to relate with and help strengthen our faith in the Christian journey. I love the topics discussed, I always look forward to the next episode, sometimes while waiting for the next episode I go over the previous ones again and again. Lol. There's so much godly wisdom! Thank you for the amazing work you are letting God do through you.