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Ep 79: Bamboozled By Jesus: Being Tricked into the Life of Your Dreams with Yvonne Orji

5/23/2022 00:54:42
Ep 79: Bamboozled By Jesus: Being Tricked into the Life of Your Dreams with Yvonne Orji
Hi Friends! I hope you came ready to laugh! In today's episode I chat with Yvonne Orji, an Emmy-nominated Nigerian American actress, writer and comedian. She entertains international audiences and is a sought-after speaker. Her TEDx talk; "The Wait Is Sexy," has garnered over a million views.

In this episode, I get to ask Yvonne the perennial question: Does God have a sense of humor? I'm a firm believer that God not only has a sense of humor but has a great sense of humor. As someone who values humor, wit, and banter, I've come to see it reflected in Scripture from the One who created the world. Whether you believe in God or not, Jesus longs to have a relationship with you! So, I can't imagine that if we, His most valuable creation, have wide varieties of humor that range through individual personalities, that the God of the universe, who created us in His image, does not have one.

I hope you enjoy listening to Yvonne as much as I enjoyed interviewing her. Do me a favor, take notes, laugh, and tag @YvonneOrji and I @BiancaOlthoff, on Instagram to win a copy of her fabulous book!

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