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The High Note with Tauren Wells

The High Note with Tauren Wells

Life is a song, and GRAMMY®-nominated and Dove Award winning artist Tauren Wells is gonna show you how to hit the high notes with your faith. These are real issues, in a real word, about a real God, for real people...and you're REALLY gonna enjoy it. So, come along and get ready to hit The High Note.

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Ep. 8: Do I have what it takes? Confidence, Fear, & Fulfilling Your Destiny


Have you ever felt paralyzed by fear? That the call on your life is bigger than what you're capable of doing? In this week's episode, Tauren talks supply and demand & how faith is believing there is more in you, even when you don't see it. Through the story of Jether, you'll discover the potential God has placed in you.

Sound off: Tauren gets real and answers your questions on wrestling with doubt, what it looks like to worship, and his superpower of choice. Follow Tauren on Instagram @TaurenWells and your question may be featured on future episodes.

#LifeHack Tauren's mentor and former youth pastor, Rev. David Moorehead, challenges us to replace ourselves and T.R.A.I.N the next generation. You can learn more about Moorehead Ministries and ministry training at WhoopWhoopBlog.com .    

Previous Episodes

Ep 12: Season 1 Finale


Get an intimate glimpse into the Wells marriage on their 10-year anniversary. Listen in as Tauren and Lorna talk candidly about how they met, who kissed who first, racism in the
church, and rebuilding unity after addiction. You'll discover the path to happily ever after isn't always easy, but it's always worth it, because the greatest life comes when you're fully known and still fully loved. And make sure to stick around to get the scoop as Tauren reveals the name of baby #4, due in April.

It may be the Season 1 finale, but it's not the end of The High Note. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on future Season 2 episodes.

Follow Tauren on Instagram @TaurenWells and Lorna @LornaBrittany

#LifeHack-Tauren's brother-in-law Brandon Macey is back helping you calibrate your life in 2021 so you can begin to be. Listen to Brandon Macey at The RW Podcast or follow him on Instragram @TheRWPodcast_ or FaceBook @TheRWPodcast  

Does God answer your prayers? Would you notice even if he did? In this episode, Tauren retells the crazy way God answered a specific prayer in his own life and challenges you to not only pray but make your prayers specific. By following the example of Daniel and taking your prayer life a little further like Jesus, you won't miss out on seeing God's provision. Make sure to listen every Friday and subscribe so that you never miss ending your week on The High Note.

Sound Off: This week Tauren shares how to handle offense within the church, scripture to stay spiritually motivated, and his favorite country artists (HINT: they're on one of his albums). Have a question? Make sure to follow @TaurenWells on social and your question could be answered on a future podcast episode.

#LifeHack Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Quinn Kelly is balk and talks emotional health. You can listen to Quinn on her podcast, The Renew You or read more at Sanctification and Spit Up .

Go deeper and get your own copy of Circle Maker by Mark Batterson HERE .

If God answered all the prayers you've been praying, would it change anyone else's world? In this week's episode, Tauren encourages us to nourish the mustard seed of faith with bold prayers that not only affect our lives but activate God's power on the behalf of others. So, who will you pray for today? Make sure to listen every Friday and subscribe so that you never miss ending your week on The High Note.

Sound Off This week Tauren covers 4 ways to be an effective worship leader, what it takes to become a pastor, and how he pulls greatness out of others. Have a question? Make sure to follow @TaurenWells on social and your question could be answered on a future podcast episode.

#LifeHack Matthew Johanningmeier is back and giving tips on balancing your time and setting boundaries so you can increase productivity. Follow Matt @MattJohann on IG or check out The Dough Dealer at order thedoughdealer.co/ .   

It's 2021 and time to set new goals. But like many people, does imperfection stop your progress? In this New Year's episode, experience relief as Tauren transfers the burden of success from your shoulders back into God's hands. Through scripture and the life of Jesus, you'll discover God has given you everything you need at the perfect time. His job is fulfillment; your job is to just keep moving. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss ending your week on The High Note.

#LifeHack Terry the Trainer is back and this time he challenges us to get rid of the excess we don't need and live lean. You can follow Terry on FB and Instagram @TerrytheTrainer or learn more about his programs at www.terrythetrainer.life

January is Anti-Slavery and Human-Trafficking Awareness Month. Listen to the song Tauren wrote and learn how you can come alongside and support the effort to end this tragedy happening all over the world at timtebowfoundation.org or TaurenWells.com.