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Ep 83: Stepping Into Leadership, Casting Vision, Being A Positive Influence and Defining The "IT" Factor with Craig Groeschel

6/20/2022 00:37:44
Ep 83: Stepping Into Leadership, Casting Vision, Being A Positive Influence and Defining The
Leadership and influence are two words that are often tossed around in church culture. At times, it can be difficult to connect with these terms, particularly if you can't identify where you can lead or influence others in your life. But what if I told you that you were a leader and that you had your own sphere of influence?

Today I'm chatting with pastor, author, and world-class leader Pastor Craig Groeschel about those very things. In this episode, Pastor Craig shares his wisdom and helps us define the "IT" factor and what "IT" looks like, practically speaking. He talks about what healthy church leadership looks like from his own perspective as well as ways we can apply these insights to our own lives.

Leadership looks different for everyone, and we all have opportunities to influence others in our day-to-day living. Pastor Craig also talks about casting vision and why we should create a vision for every area of life. You can find out more in his new book "Lead Like It Matters".

As you listen, I hope you can begin to identify your leadership capabilities and ways that you can be empowered to lead life well. I believe that YOU are an influencer! Share how you are influencing others in your daily walk and tag us on social media @BiancaOlthoff and @CraigGroeschel.

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