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The Paula Faris 'Faith & Calling' Podcast

Ep 86 - Judah Smith: Resentment, Rest and Celebrity Pastors

12/13/2022 00:35:46
Ep 86 - Judah Smith: Resentment, Rest and Celebrity Pastors
What happens when you resent what you once loved? Where do you go next? Is that a sign to try something new? If these questions hit home, turn this one up because this week's guest has been there and back and wants you to know you're far from alone. 

In this episode Paula sits down with the Lead Pastor of Churchome, Judah Smith, for a raw conversation that will encourage you to stop ignoring your annoyances, know your "why" and find your margin again. Born to a long line of ministers (we're talking 7 generations) -Judah tells Paula about what it was like to lose his dad at an early age, and how the loss of his hero took a toll on his calling. Also, widely known as the pastor who baptized Justin Beiber, Judah offers his hot take on the phenomenon of "celebrity pastors," the surprising backstory of his friendship with Justin that took place well before he was a household name, and why he's convinced wisdom and age don't always go hand in hand.  

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Keeping it real!

Paula is the real deal in every way! Her podcasts feel like you get to sit in on a personal conversation with her and all the awesome people she interviews. I love this podcast and have been so encouraged by it!

Great morning listen! Start my day listening to this positive podcast ! Great way to start your day!

Such a wonderful podcast! So nice to listen to pleasant respectful conversations.