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Lovafide with Nicole C.

Lovafide with Nicole C.

Nicole C. Is a nine-time Dove award winner, two-time Grammy nominee, and is best known for her hit songs Redeemer, Call on Jesus, On My knees and the Larry Boy theme song. She is also a mother of 3, a mentor, a well sought after speaker and an author! As a self proclaimed Bible nerd, Nicole enjoys breaking The Word of God down into bite sized portions.

In her podcast series 

"Lovafide with Nicole C.", Nicole will share what it means to live and love in our current society thru the grid of Biblical and practical principles. Without apology Nicole believes that the way to God is through Jesus, The Christ; and his love is wonderfully extended to us all...and all meaning all.

Each podcast will include a scripture memory verse that Nicole will teach you, a relatable Bible story, Nicole's real life failures as well as victories and encouragement for your life.

"Love is not just what we say, it is what we do. So go get yourself Lovafide!"

For more info on Nicole's music, books, scripture memory, or dates go to www.nicolecmullen.com 

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Ep. 9 Humility Beats Humiliation


There's a big difference between humility and humiliation. God also knows the difference between us being sorry and us truly being repentant. Sometimes People are sorry because they got caught, but they will not set their hearts to change for the better. Being temporarily humiliated is not the same as being humbled. Humiliation consist of circumstances that forces you against your will to go low. Humility is the posture you take, choosing to go lower than your rights would afford you. It carries the hope of being protected and lifted up by the hand of God. Join me as we discuss what this looked like in the lives of others and what it means for us. 

Scripture Memory ..."God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble."" 1 Peter 5:5 NIV

Previous Episodes

Ep. 11 Set Up to be Set Apart


It seems like most people just want to fit in...blend into the crowd. But what if God was setting you up to be set apart...to do something great for him? Today we will explore what this looked like in the lives of Daniel and his friends. Their intentionality in being different and living according to their values was a risky move; But it worked greatly in their favor. Let's see how it could work for us too.

Scripture Memory: Psalm 139:15

"I know that full well..."

Ep. 10 Remember Who you are


"How we live will have a ripple effect on others good or bad...for the positive or the negative. Ultimately, we all live under the gaze of the audience of One. God alone sees, weighs, and judges our thoughts, intents and actions. He cannot be fooled, he is not bias, though he has a soft spot for the humble and broken. In what ever we do, where ever we go, no matter what circumstance we find ourselves, we must remember to represent Him first, and remember who we are. We are Loved.

Scripture Memory :

Psalm 139:14-15a I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,

Ep. 8: Redeemer in Bethlehem PT.2


The family legacy continues from Ruth and Boaz to David of Bethlehem. Then from King David to Mary and Joseph who return to the place of their ancestors to give birth to Jesus the Messiah, the ultimate Redeemer of Bethlehem.

Ep. 7: Redeemer in Bethlehem PT.1


What does a prostitute, a spy, a widow and a wealthy farmer have to do with Redemption in Bethlehem? Everything!  Join me today as we explore the life and love of Salmon, Rahab, Boaz and Ruth; Real Hero's and Sheros of Bethlehem.