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Livin' La Vida Gokey

Ep 9: Ah! Matrimony! The Marriage Episode

11/1/2021 00:32:07
Ep 9: Ah! Matrimony! The Marriage Episode
The Gokey's give us a peek behind-the-curtain of their very public union -- what works, what they're still working on, and all the advice they can muster for those wading through the sometimes topsy-turvy waters of matrimony.

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Producer: Andrew Greer 

Director/Editor: Cubbie Fink

Director Of Photography: John-Luke Solid 

Audio Engineer: Chris Cameron

Mixing Engineer: Paul Royer

Theme Song: "Agradecido" Written by Danny Gokey, Colby Edgeworth and Ethan Hulse

Management: Penny Railey at Vision Entertainment Group

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