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Ep 9: Parenting World Changers: A Positive Look at the Strong-Willed Child

1/25/2021 00:43:35
For years the strong willed child has been labeled as anything but a positive world changer! In this episode, we share how to shift the perspective of what you may know as the "strong willed child" and address parenting world changers! We'll share how our attitude toward parenting our children can change the course of their lives and give them the confidence they need to succeed in all areas of life!

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MumLife Community VIDEO

MumLife Community exists to love, encourage, equip and disciple mothers of all ages by infiltrating homes with bible based principles, a life giving community and a life changing faith no matter where you are on your journey. We are a sisterhood of Mothers Uplifting Mothers!



This is really good stuff from different perspectives to encourage moms. Raising kids today is tough. I love hearing different approaches.

Great Topics!

Such a wonderful podcast and tool! Having access to all this wisdom, knowledge and encouragement is so treasured. It's like having your own spiritual mentor and friend pointing you to Jesus and guiding you through all the challenges and joys of motherhood!