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We're Going There with Bianca Juarez Olthoff

Ep 90: Overcoming Lust in the Digital Age, Rebuilding Trust in Romantic Relationships and Redemption with Manda Carpenter and Matt Droguett

9/5/2022 00:51:25
Ep 90: Overcoming Lust in the Digital Age, Rebuilding Trust in Romantic Relationships and Redemption with Manda Carpenter and Matt Droguett
Have you ever grappled with lustful thoughts or actions? Do you struggle with intimacy and romantic connections? Are you wondering if there is redemption for you? Manda Carpenter and Matt Droguett have both walked through these exact things. While their experiences are different, they both found wholeness through faith (and therapy). In this conversation, we talk about:

* Male and female perspectives of struggling with lust and porn

* The impact lust has on romantic relationships and expectations

* Healing found through honest conversations and asking for help

* Struggles and reality of being a Christian in today's world

Manda walked through a season of seeking external validation which led to infidelity in her marriage. She talks openly about the web of guilt and shame that kept her entangled. Manda shares how one honest conversation, led to healing and restoration in her marriage. Matt spent a number of years silently struggling with a desire to look at explicit content. After breaking the cycle, he began to live in wholeness and now helps others do the same.

This conversation and space were created to shed light on a topic that so many struggle with. As you listen, I hope you'll feel less alone or better equipped to help someone you know who is going through this. Remember that there's freedom and grace found in the name of Jesus. You can tag us @biancaolthoff, @mandacarpenter and @mattdroguett on social media. We'd love to hear how this episode spoke to you.

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Manda Carpenter's book: Soul Care to Save Your Life

Matt Droguett's course: Ditch Porn and Reclaim Your Life & Use Code: TFHOC

Women's Conference at TFHOC - Breathe

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I love Bianca's podcast! She is so real and honest and helps me live out His teachings in the real world!

So much truth

Thank you! I've been listening for a few months now, but episode 89 was so powerful! I am so grateful that you talk about changing your mind, focusing on what is true and lovely, and meditating on the word. It's all about what you meditate on! As a Christian and a yoga teacher I love that you reconcile them. Thank you!