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Ep 91: Defining Truth, Living By Our Own Means and Being Aligned with God's Word with Jada Edwards

9/12/2022 00:31:52
Ep 91:  Defining Truth, Living By Our Own Means and Being Aligned with God's Word with Jada Edwards
Are you in a season of discovering God's plan for your life? Have you heard the term 'living by my truth' in mainstream media or on social media? Is the church struggling to clearly define God's will? Jada Edwards is a straight-shooting, truth-telling, speaker, Bible teacher and author. She can speak to defining truth from a personal and biblical standpoint. In this conversation, we talk about:

* Defining truth in culture and on social media

* The danger of using the phrase 'living my truth'

* How to define truth as a Christian and understanding God's will

* The importance of being led by the Holy Spirit

Jada's leadership and ministry have been a blessing to me and The Father's House OC. She has her ear to the ground and communicates in an honest, direct and loving manner. Jada shares her thoughts on truth in culture and in the church. Throughout this podcast, Jada provides context and shares personal experiences in defining truth.

As you listen, I hope you'll begin to see what God's truth is for your life. Jada is a friend and I trust that her thought leadership will encourage you to lean into what God wants for you. While it might not always be easy, there is peace and joy in fulfilling the call on your life friend! You can tag us @biancaolthoff and @jada_edwards on social media. We'd love to know how this conversation has impacted you.

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I love Bianca's podcast! She is so real and honest and helps me live out His teachings in the real world!

So much truth

Thank you! I've been listening for a few months now, but episode 89 was so powerful! I am so grateful that you talk about changing your mind, focusing on what is true and lovely, and meditating on the word. It's all about what you meditate on! As a Christian and a yoga teacher I love that you reconcile them. Thank you!