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Ep 92: Your Conscience

10/26/2022 00:17:45
Ep 92: Your Conscience
"Hey...what's the problem? You have a guilty conscience?" "You know what you did...your conscience bothering you?" "You know what your problem have no conscience at all! Nothing seems to bother you!" "I don't know what the big deal conscience is clear!"

In this episode, Dr. Dodd talks about a subject that has been written about, studied, and discussed for most of recorded history is...the human conscience. From the perspective of religions, various philosophers, social scientists, and psychologists, it has been defined and described in a multitude of different ways.

He states that "the conscience gives us the ability to evaluate our own thoughts and desires, to discern what is right or wrong, and to distinguish between what is good and what is best. When we talk about the conscience, we are often referring to reflection about ourselves as moral persons and about our moral conduct. It is one of the ways God speaks to us."

The Dr. Dodd Podcast

Dr. Dodd provides the unique integration of being well trained in Theology and Psychology/Counseling. This podcast comes as an extension of his many years of ongoing ministry... of private practice Christian counseling, public speaking (holding both conferences and workshops), and consulting work with private corporations. 

Through a powerful combination, that utilizes his training in theology and psychology, as well as real life experience...each podcast is an effort to encourage, provide hope, inform and challenge individuals with grounded, insightful and practical principles.

 "It is simply an effort to help individuals navigate everyday struggles, issues and relationships that can often be very difficult and challenging. All of bring honor and glory to God!"


I'm a fan

I like this subject. For men to open up and show their feelings. I got a question How do I answer When people asked me Do you have a problem with me? Because I'm not showing Interest on that person. I found myself speechless


I've known Dr. Dodd for 14 yearsI've never experienced an advocate like I have with him. What he says is powerful, brutal, necessary and godly. It is hard and holy work! Do not miss this podcast!