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Ep 97: God's True Nature, Modern Christianity and Embracing the Anointing on Your Life with Lisa Bevere

10/24/2022 00:33:35
Ep 97: God's True Nature, Modern Christianity and Embracing the Anointing on Your Life with Lisa Bevere
Do you know God's true nature? Ever wondered how God sees you? Is there a God calling on your life? Lisa Bevere is joining me on the podcast to unpack all these topics. We dive deep into:

* God's true nature

* The power of your YES to God

* Why it's important to speak the truth in love

* Being anointed by God and working in partnership with Him

Lisa is an author, a speaker, and a leader who has spent decades encouraging and empowering people to walk in their purpose. During our conversation, Lisa shares her thoughts on modern Christianity and the importance of knowing the Word of God. She speaks candidly about being anointed by God and working with Him on purpose and for His purpose. Lisa has her ear to the ground and isn't afraid to give us a reality check. Something I love about Lisa's writing and perspective is that it always speaks to God's true nature. It's the reminder that God made each of us uniquely and cultivated a specific purpose for each of our lives.

My heart and my hope is that as you listen, you'll remember that you are a child of God and that you are significant. There's an assignment on this earth that only you can fulfil. Tag us @biancaolthoff and @LisaBevere, we'd love to see what you're called to and what embracing God's plan looks like for you.

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Lisa Bevere's Devotional - Fiercely Loved: God's Wild Thoughts about You 

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Thank you

Thank you so much for your uplifting words. This podcast is just what I needed. Brenda #6

One of my favorites!!!

You are amazing, Gods is doing big things through you!! Thank you for speaking truth!!!