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Ep 3 - Sabbath: Celebration of Restoration

2/14/2022 00:32:17
Today we are going to learn about Sabbath through Middle Eastern eyes and through the historic cultural context of the Bible. Sabbath is other than, more than and better than the ways we usually think of Sabbath here in the West. The world has a way of knocking rest right out of us. The Bible paints a beautiful picture of Sabbath as running so much deeper, wider and more than merely resting after working, catching our breath in the rat race of life.  

There are 2 systems at play in the world. There is empire and there is kingdom. Empire is anchored in scarcity, and functions within striving and straining. There's never enough and the acquisition of more is the way to make sure you have enough. Kingdom is sabbathed, functioning within sufficiency and quiet trust in the Living God as our Father. It can relinquish because it trusts that there will be enough. We are not orphans or the fatherless. We can rest because He is always working. 

The Bible tells the story of Sabbath as a celebration of restoration. Shabbat is the Hebrew word where we get our English word sabbath. Shabbat means "to cease". What is it that we are ceasing? During Sabbath we cease our work to remember and celebrate God's work. What work is that? That right now He is making all things new. A deep and profound restoration, renewal and repair are underway.  

I pray you will feel the Lord's loving invitation into His Sabbath rest today.

Pearls with Kristi McLelland VIDEO

In 2007 the Lord opened the door for me to go study the Bible in Egypt and Israel. I went and learned that the Living God is BETTER than I ever knew. When the Lord gave us the Bible, He gave us a Story. It's the best and truest Story ever told.

Each story is like a pearl, beautiful and of great price on its own. But what's more beautiful is stringing the biblical pearls together. Through the Bible, we know who the Living God is, what He's like and what it is to walk with Him. In this teaching podcast, we are going to string 12 of my most favorite biblical pearls together.

We do not just read the Bible - we interact with it. It is living and active and so we are we. When we sit down with the Word of God, it is life with life. The Bible is like a great feast. Great food is best experienced with great people, so welcome and please subscribe to join me at the biblical table for every episode of Pearls. We are getting ready to learn over and over that the Living God is BETTER than we ever knew.

Kristi is a professor at Williamson College and serves as a biblical culturalist. She has a Masters in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary and has dedicated her life to teaching people how to study the Bible.