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Pearls with Kristi McLelland

Ep 4 - The Only Disciple That Got it Right

2/21/2022 00:28:10
Ep 4 - The Only Disciple That Got it Right
Today's episode is loaded with goodness and I'm so excited to string biblical pearls together with you yet again. We will learn about Jewish discipleship in Jesus' world 2,000 years ago. What did it mean to follow a rabbi? What did discipleship look like in that ancient Jewish world? Discipleship was less about simply knowing your rabbi and much more about walking so closely to your rabbi that the dust of his feet got all over you. 

We will look at the Hebraic meaning of "shalom" which is much deeper, richer and more textured than simply meaning "peace". How does one experience shalom? By walking the path of the Living God. Shalom is found on the path. Chaos is experienced when we get off the path. 

Today we will look at one of the most famous and most familiar passages in the New Testament but we will look at it through the Middle Eastern lens. It's another water story, yet different from any of the pearls in our previous episodes. Today we will cover the story of Peter walking on water, and we are getting ready to learn that he is the only disciple who got it right in that moment. 

Order your copy of Kristi McLelland's new devotional at Lifeway.com/gospelontheground.

Pearls with Kristi McLelland

Order your copy of Kristi McLelland's new devotional at Lifeway.com/gospelontheground

In 2007 the Lord opened the door for me to go study the Bible in Egypt and Israel. I went and learned that the Living God is BETTER than I ever knew. When the Lord gave us the Bible, He gave us a Story. It's the best and truest Story ever told.

Each story is like a pearl, beautiful and of great price on its own. But what's more beautiful is stringing the biblical pearls together. Through the Bible, we know who the Living God is, what He's like and what it is to walk with Him. In this teaching podcast, we are going to string 12 of my most favorite biblical pearls together.

We do not just read the Bible - we interact with it. It is living and active and so we are we. When we sit down with the Word of God, it is life with life. The Bible is like a great feast. Great food is best experienced with great people, so welcome and please subscribe to join me at the biblical table for every episode of Pearls. We are getting ready to learn over and over that the Living God is BETTER than we ever knew.

Kristi is a professor at Williamson College and serves as a biblical culturalist. She has a Masters in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary and has dedicated her life to teaching people how to study the Bible.


Pearls with Kristi McLelland such a gift!

Thank you! I recently discovered your teachings and they are life giving! Your passion for the living word is contagious. Keep shining! You are a game changer!Debora ️


Finally! Someone who puts things into cultural and historical context! My "spiritual gift of dot connection" loves context! I'll be stringing together pearls!