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Experiencing God In All The Things with Katie Haseltine

10/11/2021 00:43:03
Experiencing God In All The Things with Katie Haseltine
Parenting alone is so hard. Often we feel isolated and 'out there on our own'. We know that God says that He is with us, but sometimes it just doesn't feel that way. 

Katie Haseltine is a spiritual director, a certified Enneagram and self-care coach, and author of "All the Things: A 30 Day Guide to Experiencing God's Presence in the Prayer of Examen." She was always looking for what was right, the correct theology, and figuring things out, while at the same time experiencing a lot of difficulty and suffering in her daily life. She was finding out that life wasn't adding up the way she thought it would or how she had been taught. She struggled with finding peace and comfort in her relationship with God. 

Katie began exploring her personal connection to God in ways that went beyond just "doing the right things" which is what she had focused on for most of her faith journey. As she started working with people, she found many who were burnt out on religion, who felt like a failure, and like they never had the time, energy, or smarts to understand what "this" is all about. She knew there had to be another way. 

Katie's definition of self-care is that it's "a spiritual practice that removes the barriers to our ability to accept, receive, and give back love". She says, "When we don't take care of ourselves, we miss how God is speaking to us. If you are harried, exhausted, guilty, frustrated, overwhelmed, or resentful, there is no way you can see the unlimited gifts that God gives us every day." And, whether we can see it or not, God is doing that. Often it is our unmet needs that get in the way of our ability to see those gifts of love.  

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