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The Happy Home Podcast with Arlene Pellicane

The Happy Home Podcast with Arlene Pellicane

This show is for women and men who want a happier home life. Arlene will help you bridge the gap between your ideal family and the real thing. You don't have to come from a happy home to create one.  

Your host Arlene Pellicane is a speaker and author of several books including 31 Days to a Happy Husband and Parents Rising. She and her husband James have been married more than 21 years and have three children.  

Inside this podcast, you'll meet some of the kindest and smartest experts when it comes to marriage and parenting. Get ready for fun and practical conversations that will change your thinking, give you hope, and spark positive change.  

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Gary Chapman When Couples are Stuck at Home


Have you been sheltering in place with your spouse for months? Dr. Gary Chapman has marriage advice to bring us closer during this pandemic. For some, COVID-19 has given a chance to reconnect. For others, it has revealed problems and resulted in conflict. Based on more than 40 years of counseling couples, Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the 5 Love Languages, offers help from his newest book, 5 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage...When You're Stuck at Home Together.

Learn more about Gary Chapman and his book, 5 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage...When You're Stuck at Home Together

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Ron Deal Building Love in Blended Families


Blended families face challenges with stepparents, stepsiblings, and exes. Expert Ron Deal teaches how to bond with your stepfamily over time. Learn how to connect to your stepchildren, overcome rejection, and help stepsiblings find common ground. Together with Dr. Gary Chapman, Ron has written a book, Building Love Together in Blended Families.

Learn more about Ron Deal and his book with Dr. Gary Chapman, Building Love Together in Blended Families.

David A.R. White Between Heaven and Hollywood


Your kids may be streaming more shows than usual these days. How can you guide your kids to screen time that's more positive, strengthening what you are teaching instead of tearing it all down? Pure Flix founding partner and actor David A.R. White shares how you make television something that brings you together as a family once again. You'll also learn about his God-given dream to head for Hollywood. It's a conversation that will make you want to chase your God-given dreams as well. 

Learn more about David A.R. White and his book, Between Heaven and Hollywood: Chasing Your God-Given Dream.

September McCarthy Motherhood Matters


Tired of mom guilt and feeling overwhelmed all the time? Complaining, arguing, and sibling rivalry don't have to control your home. Homeschooling mom of ten, September McCarthy reminds us why motherhood matters and what you can do to make motherhood manageable and actually joyous. Learn about trigger points, handling conflict, and the importance of connecting with other moms.  

Learn more about Sep tember McCarthy and her book Motherhood Matters

Patrick Schwenk Crisis-Proof Faith


Trouble comes to every person - when it does, will your child be ready? Pat Schwenk and his family have experienced crisis because of cancer. How did they emerge not only with their faith intact but stronger? Learn how to grow during a crisis, remaining rooted in God's love, and how to help your children do the same.  

Learn more about Patrick Schwenk and his book co-authored with his wife Ruth, Faith Forward Family Devotions.

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